The Peninsula Group

The Peninsula Group

Experts in Longevity Investing

The Peninsula Group, LLC was organized in 2003 as a holding company with the vision of serving both the emerging senior life insurance settlement and the life premium finance markets. Having completed nine years of successful operations, Peninsula offers a “total marketplace” solution that is unique in the industry and is operated within one integrated, compliant and secure platform.

Investors today are looking for investments with lower correlation and less sensitivity to market turmoil. Despite today’s turbulent market conditions, a high-yield investment opportunity exists within the life settlements and life premium finance markets. Presently the life settlement and premium finance market is out of balance to the benefit of investors. With heightened senior insurance consumer awareness and a record number of seniors needing to monetize or finance their permanent life insurance contracts, there is an abundance of suitable investment grade policies available for purchase and premium lending. A substantial volume of quality senior policies have entered the market at a time when there is limited capital available for purchase or the finance of premiums. The robust supply of senior policies combined with a limited supply of capital is producing record discounts in purchase price, as well as high teen rates of return from premium lending. The present market imbalance allows Peninsula to deliver exceptional value and returns for today’s investors.

After twelve years of activity, the market is now well regulated, as well as more transparent and efficient. This maturity has helped to mitigate the early entry and developmental risks as the industry has defined best practices and standardized its operations. Comprehensive regulation and oversight have been enacted on a nationwide basis. In addition, the independent medical underwriters that serve our market are better able to predict mortality. Based upon their considerable data and experience, mortality tables have been updated, underwriting processes have been improved and methodologies have been enhanced. The result has been more conservative medical underwriting which has resulted in longer life expectancies. Today’s longer and more conservative life expectancies benefit investors with, what we believe to be, more reliable mortality predictions, as well as a lower ultimate purchase price for life policies.

From a risk/return perspective there has never been a more favorable time to invest in the US life settlement and premium fiancé markets. The Peninsula managed investment products are carefully structured to provide lower volatility and predictable returns, in good markets and bad. Peninsula offers investment professionals and advisors a transparent life settlement product that is structured upon a carefully underwritten and compliantly originated portfolio of life insurance policies. Peninsula relies upon the most experienced independent medical underwriters to provide the life expectancies on which its policy valuations are based. These life expectancy reports are transparently disclosed to all investors. Because the Peninsula investment product is backed by a diversified pool of life settlements, the mortality risk is better managed and the volatility is reduced. Diversification produces more predictable mortality experience, smoother cash flows and a higher certainty of returns.

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